Monday September 19, 2022: Beef meatballs simmered in a tomato sauce served with rice pilaf, roasted veggies Greek salad.

Soup: Creamy Vegetable

Tuesday September 20, 2022: Moussaka "Eggplant Lasagna" with beef served with lemon potatoes and Greek salad.  

Soup: Avgolemono "Chicken and Orzo Pasta" prepared in a lemon and egg emuslion

Wednesday September 21, 2022: NEW: "Youvesti" Beef simmered and cooked in a multi spice tomato sauce with ORZO PASTA  and Greek salad. 
Soup: Butternut Squash

Thursday September 22, 2022: NEW: Oven Baked Chicken marinated in balsamic glaze and cooked with Dried Apricots and Dates served with our delicious lemon and oregano potatoes and Greek salad.

Soup: Avgolemono "Chicken and Orzo Pasta"

Friday September 23, 2022:  Laxanodolmades "Cabbage Rolls" filled with rice, beef and fresh herbs topped with a lemon and egg emulsion served with our lemon potatoes and Greek salad.    

Soup: Fasolada "White Bean Soup with Veggies"


Saturday September 24, 2022: NEW: Mastiha Chicken (marinated in this Greek liqueur and Greek yogurt) served with SPAGHETTI and pieces of roasted veggies along with a Greek salad.

Soup: Butternut Squash