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Making the Ordinary Extradorary


Making the Ordinary Extraordinary


Anonymous is owned by a Greek husband and wife team who love coffee and food. Tasos is our barista and Patricia is the 'Cooker' as their son calls her.  She is born and raised in the restaurant and catering industry and creates many Greek inspired sweet and savory food items for Anonymous.


Currently, Patricia has a cooking show being played in several countries around the world. However, what makes her most happy is Anonymous giving her the platform to imagine, create and prepare dishes for customers to enjoy.  To see more about her show "Go Greek with Patricia", click here.



Customers frequently ask, "How did you come up with Anonymous? 


Answer: The owners couldn't agree on a name. So, Tasos came up with the idea to give the shop a nameless title. So he said, "Let's call it Anonymous!" Patricia loved the idea and they finally agreed. Anonymous was born.


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Located on Norfolk & Kirby. 

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